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This is an anthology of papers on Medieval Indian Architecture, covering some of its main themes and the period from 1192 to 1803 A.D. It includes the study of such important monuments as the Qutb Minar Delhi, Tomb of Muhammad bin Tughluq, Begumpuri Masjid and Tombs of Sasaram.


1. The Qutb Minar and its Symbolism (1200-1215)
2. The Tomb of Muhammad bin Tughluq, Tughlaqabad Delhi (1351)
3. The Begumpuri Masjid Delhi (1343)
4. Four Quartered Mosque of Delhi (1370-75)
5. The Sharqi Mosque of Jaunpur (1376-1478)
6. The Gateways of Chanderi (1411-1490)
7. Sang-i-Larazan: The Secret of Shivering Minars of Ahmedabad
8. The Sur Tombs of Sasaram (1540-1550)
9. The Tomb of Babur at Agra (1530)
10. Arabesque in Mughal Architecture
11. Ceilings of the Govind Devji Temple, Vrindaban (1576-90)
12. On Akbari Painting: As a source of contemporary Architecture
13. Ceilings of Akbar’s Palace in Agra Fort (1565)
14. Geometricals in Mughal Architecture
15. Medieval Christian Tombs at Agra
16. Hessing’s Tomb at Agra (1803) : A Taj in Miniature
17. A Note on the Secret will of Babur (1529)
18. Meaning & Purpose of Vastu-Purusa-Mandala of Indian Architecture
19. The Jaisinghpura of Sawai Raja Jaisingh Kachhwaha at Ayodhya
(1699 -1743)
20. The Epigraphic Data of Ram Janmasthan-Baburi Masjid at Ayodhya
21. A Note on the Validity of Medieval Legacy.


School of Mughal Architecture Consultancy for Mughal Architecture MARBLE PLAQUES OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE

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