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From Medina to Hindustan
(622-1654 A.D)


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This is a study of Architecture of Mosque (Masjid), as it evolved through the ages from Arabia to India from 622 A.D. when the first mosque of Islam was built at Medina by Prophet Muhammad himself, to 1654 A.D. when a fully developed mosque was finished in the Agra Fort. It also deals with the basic tenets of Islam which have gone into its making, as its formal place of worship.


1. Introduction : Islam & Its Place of Worship, The Quran & the Hadith
2. The Land of Mosque & the Principle of Legitimacy (Haqq)
3. The Primitive Mosque at Medina (622 A.D)
4. The Qiblah & The Ka’bah
5. Early Mosques of Islam
6. Evolution of the Mosque Plan
7. The Mihrab & The Minbar
8. The Nave & The Iwan
9. The Minaret
10. Indian Mosques of the Sultanate Period (1192-1565)
11. Indian Mosques of the Mughal Period (1526-1654)



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