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Pp.16+168, 130 Halftone Plates, 37 text figures


Chapters :

1. Bagh-i-Gul Afshan of Babur at Agra
2. Diwan -i-Khas of Fatehpur Sikri
3. Account of a Mughal Stepwell and a Well house
4. Mysteries of Phansighar at Agra Fort
5. Mughal Hammam and the Ghusal-Khana
6. Depiction of Fabulous Animals at Delhi Gate Agra Fort
7. Personality of Akbar as revealed in the Inscriptions at Fatehpur Sikri
and Agra
8. Mayura Mandapa of Akbar in the Agra Fort
9. Depiction of Tantric symbol in Mughal Architecture
10. Minaret versus the Dhvaja-Stambha
11. Plan of Akbar’s Tomb Agra and a proposed Dome over it
12. Inlay specimens at Akbar’s Tomb Sikandara
13. Mausoleum of Mariam Zamani at Agra
14. Depiction of Animate Motifs at Tomb of Itimad ud Daulah Agra
15. Augustin of Bordeaux and his relations with Mughal Court
16. Tomb Firoz Khan Agra
17. Glass Mosaic Decoration and Shish Mahal Agra Fort
18. Incised Painting in Mughal Architecture
19. Moti Masjid of Red Fort Delhi
20. Curved-Roof and Bent-Cornice style of the Mughals
21. Concept of beauty in Mughal Architecture (with special reference to
the Aesthetics of the Taj Mahal)


School of Mughal Architecture Consultancy for Mughal Architecture MARBLE PLAQUES OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE

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