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(1318 A.D)



Pp.160, Illustrations 14, Persian Tughras 10, and a bibliography on Amir Khusrau

This is text of Amir Khusrau’s observations of India and the Medieval Indian culture, translated into English from his Persian Mathnawi, the NUH-SIPIHR, written in 1318 A.D.

It is an eye-witness’s account of no less a scholar and historian than Amir Khusrau (1253-1325) who lived with the greatest rulers of the Delhi Sultanate, viz. Balban., Alau-d-Din Khalji. Ghazi Tughluq Shah and Muhammad bin Tughluq. Khusrau was a patriot to the core. His intense love of India, the land of his birth, has been expressed in it.

Chapters : 

1. Khusrau’s Introduction to India
2. On India: The Paradise
3. Aspects of India’s Superiority
4. About Learning of the Brahmans
5. About Excellence of the Indian Languages
6. Wonderful Birds and Animals of India
7. On Supernatural Powers of the Hindus
8. On Cultural Excellence of India

Appendices :

A. Khusrau’s arrangement of Chapters of Nuh-Sipihr in relation to the
    Nine Skies and their Presiding Planets
B. Brief Life Sketch of Sheikh Nizamu’d-Din Auliya
C. To the Hindu Singer
D. Khusrau’s Description of Buildings of Delhi
E.  Khusrau’s Vindication of Indian Sovereignty



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