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(VOL – IV)  (Part – I)

Pp.526, Halftone Plates 380, Architectural Figures 160, Color Illustrations 86, Persian Inscriptions 15


This is Part 1 of Vol-IV of the multi-volume series ‘HISTORY OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE’, three volumes of which have already been published.
This volume deals with Shah Jehan’s Age of Architectural Aestheticism (1628-1658) and its representative monuments, some of which mark the zenith of the style.


1. Introduction – sources of the History of Shah Jehan’s Reign (1628-
1658) Official Histories, Lahauri’s Badshah-Namah, Amal-i-Salih,
Chahar-Chaman, Accounts of Foreign Travellers, Sanskrit, Persian &
Hindi works, Contemporary buildings, Architectural Inscriptions
2. Shah Jehan and His Times – Early life, Accession to Throne, Making
of Mughal Civilization, Sanskrit Learning, Dara Shukoh, Persian
Literature, Music, Painting, Calligraphy, Crafts, Architecture
3. Administrative Buildings – Durbar, Jharokhas, Diwan-i-Am, Ghusl-
Khanah, Diwan-i-Khas at Fatehpur Sikri, Allahabad Fort, Agra Fort,
Lahore Fort, Red Fort Delhi
4. Residential Buildings – Palaces of Agra Fort, Palaces of Lahore Fort,
Palaces of Red Fort Delhi, Miscellaneous Palaces
5. Ana Sagar Barahdaris at Ajmer (1637)
6. Royal Complex of Shah Jehan at Bari (Dholpur 1628-35) – Site,
Complex, Gummats and Gumatis and their Meaning
7. Mosques of the Age of Shah Jehan – Private Harem Mosques, Jami
Mosques, Miscellaneous Public Mosques : Mina and Nagina Masjid
Agra Fort; Moti Masjid Lahore Fort; Moti Masjid Red Fort Delhi; Shah
Jahan’s Mosque in the Dargah at Ajmer; Jami Masjid Agra; Moti
Masjid Agra Fort; Jami masjid Delhi, Wazir Khan’s Mosque Lahore;
other Mosques of Ajmer and Delhi


School of Mughal Architecture Consultancy for Mughal Architecture MARBLE PLAQUES OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE

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