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( A.D. 1504-1530)


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The Babur Namah of Babur is not only an autobiography, annals, diary and memoir, it is also a unique work of History. It contains his observation of Man, Society and Civilization, and it provides an excellent study of the countries Babur visited.

This book is a compilation, commentary and critique of Babur’s observations of India and Indian things, from 1504 to 1530.


1. Introduction – Babur the man, dynasty, padshah, nomadic life,
    addiction of wine and opium, Babur Namah, Secret Will of Babur

2. Description of Kabul – Town and Environ, trading town, products and
    climate, inhabitants of Kabul, the terrain, people and their life, fauna
    and bird catching – Babur’s Architectural Project at Kabul

3. Description of Hindustan – country, rulers, mountains, rivers, seasons,
    time. measures, revenue of Hindustan, Char-Bagh, Hammam and Baoli

4. Fauna of Hindustan – Mammals, Birds, Aquatic Animals

5. Fruits and Flowers of Hindustan

6. Description of Gwalior- Inscriptions of Babur and Humayun in the Fort

7. Other Cities and Towns of Hindustan – Description of Delhi, Agra,
    Mewar Region, Fatehpur Sikri, Dholpur, Kachwa and Chanderi



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