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We, THE HERITAGE, have been working on the monuments of Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Taj Mahal, Delhi, Ajmer, and other historical sites in India AND Lahore in Pakistan, for nearly three decades. Of these, the Agra Fort and the Taj Mahal at Agra; Buildings of Fatehpur Sikri; and the Tomb of Humayun, Qutb Minar and Red Fort at Delhi are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India.

We have Architectural Sketches, Diagrams and Drawings (plans, sections and elevations) of these monuments in our collection, which belongs, originally, to Professor R Nath who had been working in this field for nearly half a century and who has authored 65 Books and 190 Research Papers on MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE. It is an exclusive collection. 

These drawings illustrate such architectural forms and features as lay-out and plan; arches, alcoves, chhajjasjharokhas and jalis used on the façade; domes, towers, minars, turrets, pinnacles and chhatris on the superstructure; ceilings; and motifs and designs of architectural ornamentation.

They illustrate unique features. For example, a wide variety of trabeated arches, pendentives and flat stone ceilings, evolved in this region, are wonderful feats of building techniques. These drawings are basic tool for the study and research in this discipline and these medieval engineering skills can also be of immense use in modern architecture. 

In order to promote higher study and research in Mughal Architecture, we have built up, gradually, a corpus of nearly 1000 Architectural Drawings of plans, sections and elevations of Mughal Monuments of Agra – Fatehpur Sikri, Delhi, Lahore, Ajmer, Bari, Gwalior, Panipat and other sites. These drawings are available in Five Sets Priced as Follows:

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Agra – 247 Drawings
Fatehpur Sikri – 103 
Taj Mahal – 80 
Delhi – 131 Drawings
Lahore and other sites
104 Drawing



 US $ 741
 US$  309
US $ 240
US $ 393
US $ 312

Total 665 Drawings                                                                                 Rs. 99750/-           US $ 1995    We deduct 40% discount on this price which comes to Indian Rs.59850/-  and US$ 1197 only
Plus Actual Air Courier Charges.


These have been prepared on CorelDraw 11, with captions giving architectural details and historical dates, and the respective Index. We supply Laser printout of the drawings of each set, bound in a file, with the respective DVD/CD.

These drawings bear our copyright and are supplied to the universities institutes and archives for academic use only, direct by us, without the intermediaries. These are not for resale.

This research material shall be greatly helpful in the study of the Architecture of Islam in India, and we believe you need these drawings. We look forward to hearing from you in reply on our email







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