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(1526-1803 A.D)


Pp.160, Figures 17, color plates

7th Impression of 3rd Edition
available with Rupa & Co. New Delhi

It deals with little known, but much scandalized Private Life of the Mughals of India. The Persian Chroniclers, though prevented from writing on this sensitive subject openly, have, however, left casual references to their private life and one has just to read between the lines.

Contents :-

1. The Mughal Harem – Architectural Disposition, Underground Complex,
Institutional Organization
2. The Ladies of the Mughal Harem – Ladies of Babur and Humayun,
Akbar’s Harem, Vast Harem of Jehangir, Nur Jehan Begum, Anarkali,
The Lady of the ‘Taj’
3. Rajput Wives of the Mughals
4. The Administrative Officer of the Mughal Harem
5. Muslim Circumcision
6. The Mughals Discontinued Circumcision
7. Mughal Kitchen, Dining & Dishes – Management of the Kitchen,
System of Service, The Mughal Dishes, Drinking Water and Ice
8. Mughal Perfumes & Incenses
9. Mughal Addictions & Intoxicants – Wine and Opium, Tobacco and
Huqqah, Pan (Betal-leaf)
10. Medicines & Aphrodisiacal Drugs – Preliminary Medicines,
Aphrodisiacal Drugs: Dravana, Stambhana Drugs, Vajikarana Drugs,
Auparishtaka Means
11. Mughal Amusements & Pastimes – Functions and Ceremonies, Mina
Bazar, Amusements (Indoor Games), Cultural, Artistic and Playful
12. Illuminations (Lighting) of the Mughal Palace
13. Imperial Paraphernalia – Floor Coverings, Farrash-Khanah, Wardrobe,
Shawls and Stuffs, Precious Stones and Jewellery
14. Daily Routine of the Mughal Emperors




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