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It was at Nagari, near Chittorgadh, that the First Vaisnava Temple of India was consecrated along with the first known symbolic and commemorative Kirttistambha.

It studies the evolution of the Hindu temple from the Gupta period onwards, on the basis of the relics at Chittorgadh where a brick temple has been discovered. It includes study of Sculpture and Iconography which have been integrally associated with the Temple. The Samadhiswara Temple has been studied with the help of epigraphic data. T
he Jami Masjid of the Khalji period has been rediscovered and the style of the Muslim Monuments of Chittorgadh assessed.

Chapters :

1. Gaumukha-Tirthasthala
2. Ubha-Diwala of Nagari
3. Unique Brick Temple
4. Some Pre-Pratihara Panels
5. On the Samadhisvara Temple
6. Kumbhaswamin- Alaya of the Kirtti-Stambha-Prasasti
7. On the Muslim Monuments



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