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Jharokha: An Illustrated Glossary of Indo Muslim Architecture


Pp.36+128, Glossary of 1386 Arabic, Persian, Sanskrit, Hindi and English Architectural Terms used in Indo Muslim Architecture, Text figures 54 and halftone plates 34

Jharokha is an illustrated glossary of Indo Muslim Architecture containing 1386 terms in 769 entries in alphabetical order, with an exhaustive Index. The largest number of these has, as a matter of course, come from the indigenous sources. These are used by native builders and are more denotary than their English equivalents.

As, so far, study of Indo Muslim Architecture has been mostly written in English, relevant English terms with equivalents and etymology have been given to indicate their original meaning and to show how far these terms could be used in this study meaningfully. Cross entries have been given. Terms have been defined along with equivalents from Persian and Sanskrit and also from Desi dialects with a view to fix them up in this study and to prepare a standard terminology of this discipline.




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