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(Forms, Techniques & Concepts)

Pp.132, 38 text figures and 86 Halftone plates

This is supplement to the author’s History of Mughal Architecture, Vols I-II.

It ventures to analyse and interpret the meaning, usage, architectural derivation and raison d’etre of some representative buildings as Hiran Minar, Todarmal’s Barahdari and the Panch Mahal. Babur’s Jal Mahal has been identified for the first time.

Chapters :

1. Babur’s Jal Mahal at Fatehpur Sikri
2. Formative Process of Akbar’s Architectural Style at Fatehpur Sikri
3. Architecture of Fatehpur Sikri : Town-Planning, Plan & Design
4. Khaprel Roof and Chhappar ceiling : A folk element (1572-85)
5. Hiran Minar at Fatehpur Sikri
6. Todarmal’s Barahdari
7. Tibara and Duchhatti feature in Mughal Architecture
8. Panch Mahal at Fatehpur Sikri
9. Ladao Ceiling in Early Mughal Architecture
10. Mason Marks at Fatehpur Sikri (1560-85)
11. Sanskrit Text on Jali with reference to Fatehpur Sikri



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