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It deals with such medieval institutions as ‘Supurdgah’ ‘Khwajasara’ and ‘Jharokha’; which are directly related to Architecture, and discusses such sociological problems as Mughal marriages and ‘Circumcision’. It also documents a Sanskrit text ‘Sunnati Samskriti’ (Muslim Circumcision).

Chapters :

1. Institution of ‘Supurdgah’ in Medieval India (1206-1648)
2. Mughal Institution of Khwajasara (Imperial Harem)
3. On Rajput Princesses married to the Mughals (1556-1627)
4. Badaoni’s Concept of History
5. The Misnomer ‘Jodhbai’ or Jodhabai
6. Genesis of Rana Pratap’s conflict with Akbar
7. Were the Sons and Grandsons of Jehangir circumcised ?
8. Mughal Institution of ‘Jharokha’ (1506-1707)
9. Dado-Ornamentation in Mughal Architecture
10. ‘Chaukhandi’ in Mughal Architecture
11. On the Theory of Indo Muslim Architecture
12. ‘Resemblance’ as a source of Mughal Architecture
13. A Contemporary Description of the Man Mandir Gwalior and some
basic Architectural Terms
14. Identification of Jehangir’s Buildings in the Fort of Mandu (1617)
15. The Taj Mahal : Construction and Controversy
16. Mughal Firmans on the Land of the Taj Mahal
17. Nationalism in Medieval India
18. ‘Sunnati-Samskriti’ : Sanskrit text on Muslim Circumcision
19. Anomalies of the Raja-Prasasti of Rajasamand
20. Reassessment of Tod and His Annals
21. The Myth of Indian Renaissance


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