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                     PROF. R. NATH

Pp.136+48, Halftone Plates 83, Architectural Figures 62,Color 13,


This is a comprehensive work on the Mughal Monuments of
Fatehpur Sikri


1. Introduction : Akbar’s Personality and Thought (1556-1605)
2. Fatehpur Sikri- Town Planning, Drainage and Water Supply
3. Buildings of Mosque Complex – Stone Cutters’ Mosque, Jami Masjid
   and Buland Darwazah, Tomb of Sheikh Salim Chishti
4. Rang Mahal and Royal Complex – Raniwas (Harem), Mahal-i-Ilahi,
   Shahi Bazar, Mina Bazar, Khass Mahal
5. Buildings of Public Complex- Khwabgah, Kutub Khanah, Panch Mahal,
   Chaupar, Diwan -i-Am, Diwan-i-Khass,
6. Miscellaneous Buildings – Abul Fazl and Faizi’s Houses, Hathi Pol,
   Caravan Sarai, Hiran Minar, Samosa Mahal, Babur’s Jal Mahal, Chowk
   and Bazar, Hammam in Mughal Life and Culture
7. Retrospect – Assessment of the Architectural Style – Plan and    Design of buildings, Making of the Facade, Organization of the      Superstructure





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