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School of Mughal Architecture

School of Mughal Architecture 

With this basic infrastructure, we want now to establish a SCHOOL OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE at Delhi or Jaipur, to teach and train the young scholars through the following academic courses :

  • Six months' Diploma course in Mughal Architecture

  • Three Years' Doctoral Degree (Ph.D.) in Mughal Architecture

  • Two Years' Post-Graduate Degree Course (M.A.) in Mughal Architecture

We will try to get affiliation for these courses with some prestigious University in India, Germany, UK or USA.

Hitherto, we have been largely working on our own resources. But, for land and building, we depend on financial support by educational, philanthropic and other bodies, and persons who like and admire our work and who want to support this intellectual and academic cause for the establishment of this Center of Learning for better understanding and appreciation of this marvellous Architectural Heritage.


We already have a library needed for higher study and research in this discipline, in the following sections : 

  1. Sanskrit Architectural Texts (on Vastu and Silpa) and translations

  2. Persian histories of the medieval period from 1000 to 1707 A.D. (texts and translations)

  3. Accounts of Foreign travellers who visited India during the medieval period

  4. Sanskrit and Hindi literary works of the medieval period

  5. A.S.I Publications including Epigraphia-Indo-Moslemica and Epigraphia-Indica (Arabic and Persian Supplement) series volumes on Medieval Persian epigraphy and other related works

  6. Criticial Works on Art-History (beginning with Fergusson, 1835-45) including the prestigious MARG volumes; and

  7. Professor R Nath’s own works, viz. 65 books, 13 monographs, 190 Research Papers, 300 popular articles and 51 selected reviews and rejoinders (and his numerous unpublished manuscripts), which constitute a solid bedrock for the study of this subject.

We are now planning to expand this library to the Institutional level to provide complete references in this discipline.

Persian Inscriptions of Mughal Architecture

We have collected Persian Inscriptions of Mughal Architecture. Their Persian texts are given in Naskhi or Nastaliq as they are, along with standard English translations. Their site-wise sets are under preparation.



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