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Marble Plaques (Cultural Notice-Boards)


We are also specialized in making denotary and descriptive Cultural Notice Boards (CNBs) (White Marble Plaques). We have prepared more than a hundred CNBs for the protected National Monuments of Agra and Fatehpur Sikri (which are under the custody of the Archaeological Survey of India, Agra Circle), a list whereof is given below. While 53 CNBs of AGRA (10 of the Taj Mahal and its annexes, 21 of the buildings of Agra Fort, 13 of the buildings situated on the Sikandara By-Pass and 9 in the Trans - Jamuna region) have been placed on the respective monuments, fifty and odd CNBs of Fatehpur Sikri have not yet been exhibited. Agra CNBs are being maintained by the A.S.I.

Instead of being just a name-plate or a sign-board, a CNB is a historical document inscribed in stone, like any ancient or medieval epigraph, which deals with history, architecture, art, aesthetics and archaeology of the respective monument, briefly, yet adequately, highlighting its distinctive characteristics. Not only does it describe it as it is, it also gives information of what was it originally, and what is its importance in the Cultural History of the Country. These plaques correct the popular misnomers and, instead of hearsay legends, fictitious romantic tales and plain gossips, they give historically authentic information to the visitors. As simply as that, they introduce the Land, the People and the Culture. Our objective is to facilitate and encourage the study of Mughal Architecture around the globe; to create its awareness and an interest in it; and to promote MUGHAL TOURISM.

The texts of these CNBs have been authored by Professor R Nath. A few specimens are given below.

Agra Fort Marble Plaques - 21
Sikandara Marble Plaques - 13
Trans - Yamuna Monuments Marble Plaques - 9
Taj Mahal Marble Plaques - 10
Fatehpur Sikri Marble Plaques - 54


List of Proposed Cultural Notice Boards (CNBs) of 

01. Red Fort Delhi (to be placed at Lahori Gate)       
02. Red Fort Delhi (to be placed at Delhi Gate)         
03. Elephant Sculptures of Delhi Gate                     
04. Chatta Bazar (Bazar –Musaqqaf)                      
05. Naubat-Khanah                                             
06. Diwan-i-Am                                                  
07. Rang Mahal                                                  
08. Diwan-i-Khas                                                
09. Shah-Burj (Khas Mahal, Khwabgah, Bari Baithak, Chhota Rang Mahal
     or Muthamman Burj)             
10. Hammam                                                      
11. Moti Masjid                                                   
12. Mumtaz Mahal                                               
13. Nahar-i-Bahisht (to be placed at 4 places along its Course)          
14. Hayat-Bakhsh Garden and ‘Sawan-Bhadon’        
15. Salimgadh                                                    
16. Zafar Mahal                                                  
17. N-E Water Pavilion                                         
18. Plan of the Red Fort Delhi (to be placed at Lahori Gate and Delhi
19. Original Plan of the Red Fort Delhi and its Buildings (before

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