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This is Study of the depiction of ‘mithuna’ (erotic) sculptures on Khajuraho Temples and its raison d’etre


1. The Chandellas and their capital Khajuraho
2. Architectural Morphology of Khajuraho
Growth of the Hindu Temple
Types of the Prasada
Evolution of Madhya-Nagara Art
The Temples of Khajuraho
Chaunsath Jogini Temple
Kandariya Mahadeva Temple
Devi Jagdamba Temple
Chitragupta Temple
Vishwanath Temple
Nandi Temple
Parvati Temple
Devi Temple
Varaha Temple
Lakshman Temple
Matangeshwar Temple
Ghantai Temple
Parshwanath Temple
Adinath Temple
Shantinath Temple
Brahma Temple
Javari Temple
Vamana Temple
Duladeva Temple
Chaturbhuj Temple
3. Vistas and Views – Scope of the Depiction of Mithuna in India
4. Concept of Mithuna in the Pre- Gupta Ages
5. Siva- Sakti Symbolism
6. Mithuna Documentation in Sanskrit Literature
7. Mithuna Vis-à-vis the Prasada
8. Aesthetics of Mithuna Depiction
9. The Retrospect



School of Mughal Architecture Consultancy for Mughal Architecture MARBLE PLAQUES OF MUGHAL ARCHITECTURE

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